Child Custody And Visitation, Including Complex Custody and Move-Away Cases

At The Reis Law Firm, our attorneys assist clients with both simple and complex custody and visitation matters, including “move-away” cases, where one parent wants to relocate outside of California, or even outside the country.

Working out child custody and visitation of minor children is often complicated and fraught with emotion for parents going through divorce.  We help you to focus on what is best for your children and to craft agreements that are tailored to the needs of your family.  California law generally makes decisions based upon the “best interest of the child.”  This includes a consideration of the child’s health and welfare, history of contact between the parents and children, the ability and willingness for one parent to have an ongoing relationship with the other parent, the parents’ own mental and health histories, the child’s preference if old enough, and if there is evidence of child abuse.  California law encourages both parents to continue to have frequent and continuing contact with their children, and we work to enable you to maintain a stable and healthy relationship between you and your children.

We are highly experienced in negotiating custody settlements and in working with custody mediators, evaluators and mental health professionals to achieve the right custody plan for you.  Some parents work best with maximum flexibility.  Others do better with a detailed schedule that lays out exactly when custody exchanges will occur.  We recognize different parenting styles and different needs, and we customize custody settlements to reflect this.

We also recognize that not every custody dispute can be resolved by agreement.  Sometimes, the only solution is to have a judge decide how to divide time with the children.  When it is necessary to turn to the courts, we have the skill and the experience to make sure that you are well prepared and well represented.  We know how to work with evaluators and mental health professionals to make sure that your case is presented in a way that maximizes the likelihood of a favorable result.