Domestic Partnerships

Under California law, Domestic Partners, or same-sex couples who file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the Secretary of State, are afforded the same rights, and are subject to the same obligations and responsibilities, as spouses in a marriage.  Should the parties wish to dissolve the partnership, our attorneys can assist in both the dissolution and any related legal issues that may arise, such as custody of adopted children or support matters.

The Reis Law Firm has the experience to handle your domestic partnership questions and protect your assets and holdings through the proper structuring of your estate.  We can help you with agreements before you enter into a domestic partnership.  We also can provide you with effective representation in dissolving a registered domestic partnership, whether entered into in California or in another locale.

We will walk you through the legal questions regarding domestic partnership, the tax implications, as well as the medical and financial responsibilities that may or may not change through a domestic partnership registration and agreement.