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Arguments. Custody issues. Money disputes. Spousal support. Dirty laundry. Let’s face it, there is no other area of law quite as “personal” as family law. Whether you have children, own a business or work a job, are high-profile or a regular person, family law involves loved ones, money, privacy, and most of all, emotions.

The attorneys at The Reis Law Firm understand the highly-personal nature of family law. We care about our clients and guide them through the legal, financial and social impacts of their case. From executives and homemakers to celebrities and athletes, The Reis Law Firm provides personal, one-on-one advice tailored to each person’s unique circumstances.

With offices throughout Southern California, The Reis Law Firm handles all aspects of family law, including jurisdictional divorce issues; marital property characterization, valuation, and division; spousal and child support; child custody cases; paternity matters; and prenuptial, postnuptial, and marital settlement agreements.

We have established a reputation for handling even the most complex and contentious disputes with the utmost discretion. The firm’s attorneys understand the sensitive nature of difficult family law matters, and are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of a diverse clientele, including a number of prominent figures in business and the entertainment industry. In recognition of our work, our attorneys have been honored by legal organizations, including Super Lawyers magazine, “Best Lawyers In America”, and the national directory of attorneys Martindale-Hubbell.

The Reis Law Firm has achieved a reputation as one of the most powerful, successful and prestigious family law firms in Southern California. We handle our clients’ cases with compassion, tenacity and common sense. We do this in a cost-efficient manner, depending on the needs of the particular client. And when court cannot be avoided, the attorneys at The Reis Law Firm have a proven track-record as aggressive advocates, securing court decisions in our clients’ best interests.

Make no mistake, we encourage the use of mediation and arbitration to settle family law disputes wherever possible. Our attorneys include trained mediators who understand how to help parties achieve common ground.

The Reis Law Firm is uniquely suited to handle the family law needs of individuals and families with large assets. Whether you are dealing with complex financial matters, divorce taxation, child custody, visitation, child support or spousal support (alimony), our attorneys have the expertise to guide you through your situation in a personalized manner. We work with our clients to develop a plan that meets the special needs of each client’s situation so that their wealth can be preserved to the maximum extent possible.

Our formula is simple – we care about our clients and show that caring through compassionate, skillful, creative representation. It is a winning system that has led to victory in court, excellent settlements out of court, and a variety of awards from peers and the public. And most importantly, our clients repeatedly praise us for our excellent work. And that is the best review of all.

Our Family Law Practice Areas

Family law requires strong, compassionate legal representation, and we are dedicated to getting our clients the help they need in a timely and cost-effective manner. At The Reis Law Firm, we handle virtually every aspect of family law, including: