High Net Worth, Executive and Celebrity Divorce

High Net Worth

For divorcing spouses with substantial assets, finding the right attorney – someone who understands your specific needs – may be a bit more difficult. High net worth individuals, including celebrities and corporate executives, as well as their spouses, are a unique group who place a high value on assembling a team who will tailor legal services to their individual needs and who understand that discretion and sensitivity are paramount during difficult times.
The Reis Law Firm specializes in meeting the family law needs of high net worth individuals from all walks of life. We understand how to navigate the intricacies of marital dissolution when it comes to protecting your rights.

Executive Divorce

At the executive level, divorce is complicated. The difference between an average outcome and an excellent result stems from skilled guidance directing the process. To ensure success, you need the representation of an intelligent, respected family law specialty firm that becomes part of your team of professionals.
The Reis Law Firm has wide-ranging experience from negotiating settlements to litigating trials and arguing appeals. We represent high-powered business owners, executives, professionals and their spouses. After years of experience in family courts, we have developed a specific executive divorce strategy for business professionals with more at risk in divorce proceedings. We guide each client through the divorce process, preparing you for decision-making on the important issues: support, asset distribution, your children’s future, tax implications, business valuation tactics, best business practices, and the consequences of your decisions.
Our firm is comprised of executives just like you. We understand your goals, including protecting what you have built and your ongoing connection with your children. Our goal is to efficiently manage your case to safeguard you now and in the future. Our firm has earned the respect of our colleagues and judges, and our influence is felt throughout all of Southern California.
If you’re an executive, professional or business owner contemplating divorce, contact The Reis Law Firm to arrange a consultation and see how our executive divorce strategy can be applied to your particular situation.

Celebrity Divorce

When searching for a celebrity divorce attorney, it is crucial to consider an attorney who you can trust and who has the necessary experience to represent your best interests. That is why doing your own research and interviewing different attorneys is the most important thing you can do. Privacy and client confidentiality are critical to maintain, so finding an attorney with experience in handling these kinds of acute circumstances should be deemed of utmost importance. At The Reis Law Firm, our dedicated family law attorneys have years of experience in divorce, division of marital property, custody, interstate custody disputes, visitation, parental rights, spousal support, child support, high-asset marital dissolution, business valuation, post judgment modification or orders, alimony maintenance and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.
The divorce attorneys at The Reis Law Firm are a well-known and well-respected team of assertive advocates. Each attorney is a business-savvy litigator known for their skilled, effective, well-crafted and refined legal presentations. It takes experience and expertise to untangle the complex matters of divorce, and when dealing with the hyper-sensitive issues of a celebrity divorce, the complications that arise can escalate further than even the average divorce. Our attorneys not only specialize in family law, but we also have a thorough understanding of how to handle the personal issues involving celebrities, such as media coverage, privacy, high-conflict resolution and high-asset distribution.